Glass Manufacturing Plant


Wood County, Ohio



Ohio Voluntary Action Program (VAP) Phase I and Phase II Property Assessments of an 80 acre site that was formerly utilized as a plate glass manufacturing facility.


The Phase I PA noted over 25 Identified Areas (IAs), some of which are listed below:

  • Former hazardous materials storage shed/UST

  • Former rail spurs

  • Former gasoline USTs & auto repair

  • Former boiler house

  • Former coal storage and salvage area

  • Former ditch

  • Former grinding & polishing process lines

  • Former sand ponds

  • Former waste water treatment plant

  • Oil pipelines

  • Chromate pump house area

  • Glass cutting pits

  • Cullet tunnels

  • Former fuel oil pump house

  • Glass transfer & storage building


The Phase II PA included:

  • Geophysical surveys

  • Over 70 soil borings

  • Geotechnical investigation

  • Asbestos sampling

  • Installation of 8 groundwater monitoring wells and rehabilitation of nine existing monitoring wells

  • Soil and groundwater sampling and analysis


One deep soil boring (76 feet bgs) was advanced to assist with evaluation of groundwater occurrence and classification. 


The site specific geology and hydrogeology were characterized, and an exposure pathway and receptor evaluation was completed. Groundwater occurrence was documented and it was determined that the groundwater at the Property was classified as Class B Groundwater. Based on the site specific geology and hydrogeology, it was determined that a sufficient thickness of low permeability clay was underlying the saturated fill material, therefore the provisions for protecting groundwater meeting unprotected potable use standards in the underlying bedrock were met.


A Risk Assessment that included a demonstration of compliance with applicable standards, exposure pathway/receptor analysis and pathway evaluation was completed. It was determined that the Property was not in compliance with applicable soil and groundwater standards.  Conceptual remedial options were developed.