Clinton Township, MI


This project involved decommissioning, demolition and remediation activities associated with an active automotive dealership in Clinton Township.  A property transaction had occurred and the terms of financing required the following services:


  • Subsurface Investigations

    • soil

    • groundwater


  • Decommissioning

    • 14 in-ground hoists

    • 2 USTs


  • UST Closures


  • Remediation

    • soil around hoists

    • USTs/LUST


  • Inspection and Rehabilitation

    • multiple trench drains

    • 3 oil-water separators

    • 2 sumps



Challenge: A crucial element of the project involved maintaining the dealership’s service capabilities during the decommissioning work.


Solution: Areas of contamination and non-compliance were identified, anticipated engineering cost schedules were developed, subcontractors were procured and coordination of second shift work was initiated.  The work was staged so that only limited numbers of the service bays were out of commission at any point. The majority of the interior work was completed during evenings and weekends. Complete cleaning of the work areas was required after each shift. 


Challenge: A previously removed underground petroleum storage tank had an open release on file with the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ). The previous consultant had submitted a closure report which was rejected by MDEQ.


Solution: A detailed file review was completed, and a limited subsurface investigation was performed. A revised closure report was prepared, submitted to MDEQ and approved. 

Automotive Dealership Decommissioning