Environmental Consulting Solutions

What problems do you need solutions for?



Environmental Consulting Solutions (ECS), is a company dedicated to designing solutions for your projects in the following areas:


  • risk evaluation and management

  • cost control

  • obtaining environmental approvals

  • assessment and due diligence

  • remediation and abatement

  • regulatory compliance

“ My core philosophy, and the driving force behind ECS, is that relationships are the key to success. Relationship building is what I truly enjoy."



ECS assists clients in achieving their project objectives using our exceptional communication ability, an unyielding dedication to client service, excellent problem solving skills, and thorough understanding of the project requirements. 


We excel at coordinating and implementing complex assessments with significant access/logistical challenges.  Our project management skills and regulatory relationships are utilized to achieve project objectives.  In addition, we are experienced in innovative investigation protocols resulting in cost effective approachs to obtaining the necessary data. We also effectively address occupant concerns and/or public perception issues. 

Andrew J Foerg, President ECS

Innovative solutions to resolve your problems.


ECS helps clients understand and manage environmental risks and associated costs by:


  • Acquiring a thorough understanding of the project scope, timing and critical milestones as well as the clients risk tolerance.


  • Identifying potential “deal killers” at an early stage and designing strategies to keep the project on budget and schedule.


  • Not applying a “cookie cutter” approach to data acquisition – we use common sense and leverage our regulatory relationships to ensure that the data will be sound, defensible and will support the proposed actions.  We do not believe that “more is necessarily better”.


  • Designing innovative approaches to remediation and/or abatement.


ECS recognizes that you have your hands full running and growing your business.  We act as an integral member of the team to help you achieve your goals in an effective, efficient, and often innovative manner.  Our approach is based on building a mutually beneficial relationship with our clients that allows us to anticipate their needs and address them in a proactive manner.